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Red Bull has announced their sponsorship of Esports team OG. OG is an international Dota 2 team that exploded on the Esports scene towards the end of 2015 after claiming a win in the Frankfurt Major, a month after they formed. The team has won four of the six official Dota Major Championships which is no mean feat at all. (July 2017)

It was finally official. The player-owned organisation, OG DOTA2, had become one of the most accomplished organisations in DOTA2 history. We were hired to merge the Red Bull and OG DOTA2 Logo, launch the new partnership and design teamwear that was fitting for the first esports team authorised to officially merge its logo with Red Bulls.

Our teamwear exploration led us to the iconic jersey of the New Zealand All Blacks. We saw OG as a tribe. When crafting the brand name and logo back in 2015, we never shared the meaning of the teams two letter abbreviation. It meant whatever its tribe wanted it to mean. The final team wear collection celebrated the OG tribe by superimposing a tattoo inspired design of the Bull with the jersey.

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