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We love DOTA2. You’ll be hard-pressed to find a game we don’t love but we’ve always had a fascination with DOTA2. A game born out of a community mod (similar to Counter-Strike) with a depth and complexity like no other competitive game in the world.

In our first month of starting Level99, we were approached by Johan ‘N0tail’ Sundstein. Arguably the smartest DOTA2 player in the world. He asked if we would help him create his own team organisation. Our hearts skipped a beat. Then we got to work.

We worked with the core founders of the team and finally decided that OG would be the teams name. We wanted an abbreviation that would celebrate the history of the teams founding pair. They had migrated from Heroes of Newerth to DOTA2 and so begun their run in a game that would boast both the biggest prize pools in esports history, year after year. They were OG’s of the game.

While we worked on defining the meaning of the teams name with the pair, both of them wanted it to mean something different but loved the abbreviation. We made a decision that has endured over 5 years later: It could mean whatever fans of the team wanted it to mean. And with that, OG was born.

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