Community YouTube Series: H2WHAT

H2K was a rising underdog in the EU LCS. Having invested in a promising roster, the team rose from a regional contender to a world championship team when they reached the Semifinals of League of Legends Worlds Championship in 2016. In the build up to this, alongside an experienced group of investors, led by H2K Rich, the team was looking to nurture and grow a loyal fan base.

Alongside a collection of social media content, we created a unique YouTube series: H2WHAT. We recognised the importance that the League of Legends Subreddit had on the success of content. Betting on the series being picked up by the subreddit organically was the content play all creators were working towards.

We did something a little different. We reversed the content flow. We read through all the active matchday threads on the League of Legends subreddit, pulled these comments and used them to craft our narrative for that weeks H2WHAT episode. Now, each episode of H2WHAT was driven by the community instead of the creator. We started with a pilot episode.

It ran for 73 episodes. H2WHAT was a hit! It was picked up by the community, celebrated by the subreddit and became a regular talking point on the LCS desk. H2K’s YouTube channel saw its average views increase from <500 to over 15-20,000 based on the success of the series.

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