Rebrand OG Red Bull

OG had come a long way as an organisation in 2 years. It started as a pair of friends, experienced pro’s and a competitive ladder superstar competing to prove that they didn’t need a team organisation to win events. When we supported the founding team of Monkey Business to become OG DOTA2 in 2015, it was a special moment that would change esports history.

Just a month after creating OG DOTA2, Valve announced the DOTA2 Major series. OG DOTA2 competed with the best teams in the world at the first ever Valve Major.. and came out of the lower bracket to win the $3.1 Million USD event. They continued this tour de force in the following years, winning The Manilla Major, The Boston Major and the Kiev Major.. between just 2016 and 2017. They were now the winningest team in all of DOTA2 history.

A long time supporter of the team, 2017 would usher in a whole new era for OG. Red Bull had decided it would be a title sponsor for just one team in the world: OG DOTA2.

In July 2017, OG Red Bull was announced to the world.

We were tasked with rebranding the teams logo to make way for the Red Bull crest, launching the partnership and supporting the organisation with its content efforts for the year ahead. This will forever be one of the greatest partnership projects we worked on.

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