Feature Video: Built to Win feat Yellowstar

Esports moves at a faster pace than any other traditional sport. Because of this, incredible celebratory moments and stories are often quickly passed by and rarely given the opportunity to be told.

For Ballistix (Micron’s Gaming Division), eager to connect with the grassroots of the esports community, we developed a 2-part long form YouTube series:¬†Built to Win.

Built to win focuses on one epic moment in esports history and speaks to a professional player (insider) to recount their journey that led to the winning moment. For the first episode, we spoke to former Fnatic Team Leader and League of Legends Superstar: Bora ‘Yellowstar’ Kim.

In 2015, The Fnatic League of Legends team achieved perfection. The team won every single series in the EU LCS Season. Their 18-0 achievement truly stands the test of time and has not yet been bested by any League of Legends team in any region worldwide.

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