Clayster Announcement: CDL 2021 NYSL

After winning their home-series in 2020 and showing sparks of brilliance in the first season of the CDL, The New York Subliners wanted to make big moves.

Dallas Empire picked up the first CDL Trophy led by one of the most incredibly gifted players to touch Call of Duty:
James Clayster Eubanks.

With the CDL changing up the league format, going from 5v5 to 4v4, the ring collector was ready for a new team. With Clayster signed on the dotted line, it was clear they weren’t playing games in the pre-season.

We were tasked to create the announcement video that put Call of Duty esports on notice.

With back to back chips in 2019 with eUnited and 2020 with the Dallas Empire, the ring collector is lasered in on his 3rd straight crown. Now he’s got New York by his side.

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